Justin Bieber sued

На Джастина Бибера подали в суд

While in the midst of Coachella, where Justin and Hailey Bieber having fun with your friends and make new friends, the singer sued. The photographer in 2017 moved his car Bieber,, decided to sue the contractor!

На Джастина Бибера подали в суд

The accident occurred in 2017, when Bieber was returning from a Church service. Paparazzi surrounded the “Dodge” of the singer, but that didn’t scare a great number of photographers. The artist quietly got into the car and started driving. Suddenly the singer knocked one of the paparazzi. The scene Bieber to escape and waited for the ambulance with the victim. According to the information in the network, Wilson did not present to the artist any charges, and he fully cooperated with the police.

Over time, it is a little bit forgotten, but the victim reasserted itself. It turns out that after the incident, the former photographer has become incapacitated, has endured mental and physical stress. The lawyer of the photographer claims that he filed a lawsuit against the star, because a couple of months ago the insurance company Justin offered too little compensation to the paps.

The lawyers of the Wilson report that was filed in the court on the singer, and the insurance company of the contractor: “Wilson just wants justice for causing injury and damage as a result of the incident. Not a penny more, not a penny less”, — said the lawyer of the photographer to Page Six. “The insurance company of Justin Bieber should not get, because the insurance policy holder is celebrity. Safety rules apply to celebrities! You can’t just knock down the person standing on the sidewalk, and then ask for concessions”.

In the meantime, the stars have fun at a music festival. In the Coachella valley is now undergoing the popular festival, which is visited by almost all the celebrities! This is a great place not only to enjoy music with the best performers, but also to meet new people. So for Billy Iles Coachella was the site of the first meeting with his idol.

It all happened during a performance of Ariana Grande. Bieber and Eilis suddenly found each other in the VIP area. Star stared at each other and soon embraced. The moment lasted long enough guys firmly embraced and could not get enough of what happened. Some are touched, others are found in the “peepers” before “hugging” something strange.

While the stars are partying at Coachella, their home have arrested a fan. Last month, newly-married couples, Justin and Hayley Bieber has bought a mansion in Beverly hills and just a few days after the settlement was faced with an annoying problem! At their home was arrested by a strange girl who tried to sneak into the territory of singer and model.

Initially the girl was acting perfectly normal, she was around the house and talked on the speaker phone. The outfit she had quite a strange white cloth around his head, bag print Louis Vuitton large sunglasses. At first the policeman was talking to this girl, but soon handcuffed him and took her official car to the station. The details of the incident were not disclosed.

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