Джастин Бибер шокировал новостью о наркозависимости

Hollywood star, singer Justin Bieber posted a heart wrenching post to Instagram, where he confessed his sins and problems of adolescence.

In a recent interview Justin Bieber repeatedly told that his life was a mess, and early career brought her not only fame and success, but also stress, even depression. As a result, the youth did not always correctly treated from a sense of uselessness and unimportance. In a certain period of time, the singer “has forgotten”, to use drugs.

The singer published in Instagram post-confession, in which he told the whole world that he used hard drugs. The reason for this, according to Bieber, was the glory and career of the artist, with its sudden changes from popularity to catersto. Because of this, the singer was angry at the world and disrespectful to the beautiful half of humanity.

“I came all the way from 13-year-old boy from a small town to the world famous artist. At 18 I had no concept of life in the real world, however, I had millions of dollars and access to everything I wanted. It’s not the most pleasant of circumstances for everyone. At 19, I began to use heavy drugs, became angry, resentful, and disrespectful to women. I drifted away from all who loved me, and felt that can never change,” said Justin Bieber.

At one point the actor realized that is suffering from depression. Over time, the singer has ceased to appear at high-profile events and often remained in his house, preferring the solitude. This way of life made of pieces of tread does the thinking of the idol of millions of suicide!

“Up to 20 years, I took the worst solution you could think of and went from adoration to universal hatred and condemnation. It took me years to build relationships with loved ones and to change their habits. Fortunately, God has blessed me and rewarded by people who love me for who I am,” added Justin Bieber.

Add this winter in an interview with “Vogue”singer admitted that the depression worsened during the tour, because the artist has the feeling he is failing.

“On tour I had a real depression. I haven’t talked about it, but I’m still working on many things. I was lonely…I just needed some time to evaluate yourself: who am I, what do I want from my life, from relationships, what I want to be — things that, when you are so immersed in the music business, you kind of lose sight of. I really started to feel too bad. People love me and I shit. That’s what I thought,” admitted Justin.

Saved Bieber’s meeting with his beloved Hailey Baldwin, she helps him to realize the beauty of the world.

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So, earlier in the interview, Bieber stated that he struggled with the feeling that people use it, so had trust issues, initially could not fully open even Haley. According to him, the lover creates in their relationship the right balance.

“I found it hard to trust Haley. We worked on this. And it’s great, isn’t it? I’m emotionally unstable. I struggle with this. I just feel that I care and I want everything to be very good, that people loved me. Haley is a very logical and structured, that I need. I need something that I can be sure. And this is my baby Boo,” told Justine.

Finally, in the post Bieber appealed to all the people who have the same problem with depression as he does. The artist advised me not to give up and to be brave enough to admit to illness.

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