Джастин Бибер: Селена использует The Weeknd ради пиара

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd was beautiful, very beautiful and harmonious couple. But, unfortunately, their affair was not destined to last long.

Was there love in that relationship? Hard to say. But recent actions of the musician are forced to doubt – after just two months after breaking up with Hadid Abel Tesfaye (now the Weeknd)plunged to new feelings with Selena Gomez.

Bella reacted by removing Selena from the list of their subscriptions in Instagram, but fans of the model began to talk about how Gomez is dishonest and treacherous.

Could not comment on the new relationship with the singer and her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. However, he did it informally and just talking with friends.

How did you learn the press, Justin believes that Selena’s affair with The Weeknd – fiction and of any sincere feelings there can be no question. In fact, according to Bieber, Gomez Dating Abel for a new joint track and its active promotion. Note that this theory is quite right to life, because in the scheme of Selenium and acted during “love affair” with DJ Zedd at 2015: three month joint photo in Instagram, the song I Want You To Know — and fled.

Draw your attention to the fact that the relationship Gomez and The Weeknd became known the day before the release of a new clip of the singer “Party Monster” (the song, incidentally, is the line “Lips like Angelina, ass shaped like Selena” (“Lips like Angelina, ass like Selena“).