Justin Bieber said he was outraged by the advertising campaign of the H&M brand Singer Justin Bieber made a scandal around the brand H&M clothing.

Justin Bieber says he's outraged by H&M's ad campaign 28-year-old Canadian pop-R&B artist Justin Bieber published a post on his social network page accusing H&M of illegally and inconsistently using his images to create a new merchandise collection.

Justin Bieber says he's outraged by H&M's ad campaign< p>Bieber also urged his fans not to buy any of the items from the collection, as it is literally “garbage”: “I would like to inform you that I did not approve any of the merchandise that was presented by H&M. If I were you, I would not buy any of this Bieber wrote. The singer is quite understandable – the release of a collection of bags, clothes with the image of a particular star without her consent clearly falls, among other things, under copyright infringement. In addition, the media personality will lose a lot of money, because the brand is required to deduct interest for using the image of the star.

Justin Bieber says he's outraged by H&M's ad campaign

It's interesting that she herself H&M has already commented on the scandal – its representative said that when creating the collection, all the necessary formalities were observed. Nevertheless, the brand promised to conduct an audit, but the collection, which has already arrived in some stores, will not be removed from sale for now.

Perhaps the loudest scandal in the history of H&M happened in 2018 – then the famous singer The Weeknd refused to cooperate with the brand – the company had previously released merch with images of the artist, but at the end of 2017 fell into a racist scandal. The sweatshirt from the children's clothing collection, which featured a black boy in an advertising campaign, was printed with the “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” print. The Weeknd said he was shocked by such pictures and terminated the contract with the brand. He was supported by other celebrities, after which H&M had to apologize and remove the sweatshirt from sale.

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