Justin Bieber saved a girl from beating

Джастин Бибер спас девушку от избиения

Last weekend at a party at the Coachella festival, Justin Bieber showed his concern for others. The singer rescued the girl from attacking her ex-boyfriend. About it eyewitnesses told TMZ.

Джастин Бибер спас девушку от избиения

The incident occurred at a party a friend of Justin Patrick Schwarzenegger. The event was in full swing, suddenly rushed into the room a young man. Insiders report that he was under the influence of prohibited drugs that provoked the incident. He promptly went to the girl standing close to Bieber and started strangling her. The singer could not stand without action and when the screams did not work, use force. He punched a guy in the face and dragged him away from the defenseless girl to the wall. When Bieber has “neutralized” the assailant, the guards came and took care of him. According to eyewitnesses, the guy was a former boyfriend of the girl.

Some time later the guy tried again to get into the room for revenge Bieber. But, this time the guards worked quickly and called the police.

At the festival, Bieber was surrounded by attention. He recently took a break with Selena Gomez, and has already found himself a companion. To escape from bad thoughts, the executor decided to have fun at the festival and went not one. His companion was Carissa Kittmer.

The girl is positioning itself as a photographer, vegan and traveler and the next direction in her adventures has become Coachella. The photo with the famous singer girl put in instagram — it is almost she is in the arms of Bieber. The official version Dating the guys nobody knows, but fans on Twitter have already made their assumptions: Justin may know it by his childhood friend Chaz Somers, with whom the singer posted a photo to Instagram earlier this week. Like Justin, Chaz and Carissa also from Stratford.

Recall that earlier there was news that Bieber wants his girl back. “He’s not Dating anyone. Constantly thinks and talks about Selene. Justin is clearly not going to close this Chapter,” — said the insider.

With the news that Bieber wants to return to the old relationship, became known the real reason behind their breakup: the pair did not get along and decided to leave. “A serious reason for breaking was not. They will rest and will start over again to meet,” — said a friend of Bieber.

However, according to recent photos that appeared online, Justin certainly did not look upset and even found a new companion. The photo shows how the ex-boyfriend of Selena Gomez, attended a concert with an unidentified girl. Soon, reporters found out the identity of the young person and it was the Agency model CW Manafgment Baskin Champion. While fans wait for the official reviews of the most Selena, Bieber’s friends claim that the singer just wanted to cause jealousy among his former sweetheart.