Джастин Бибер перекрасил машину в рождественском стиле

On Saturday, 23 year old singer Justin Bieber revealed to fans in a story instagram my car Mercedes-Benz G-Class, which is dyed in Christmas style.

Джастин Бибер перекрасил машину в рождественском стиле

“My friends came to me and said, Gabi, you’re not really feeling the Christmas spirit.” said Bieber before you show your car. On the machine side is Santa Claus, a penguin from Madagascar and lots of gifts. But not only the sides of the car were repainted, but the front part. The hood is adorned with a large red bow, and the back is spruce and Santa.

Not only Bieber’s car decorated for the arrival of Santa, but and Christmas tree. The singer put a video where you can see all the stages of decorating Christmas tree in accelerated time.

Christmas is the only holiday that Bieber is celebrating this year. He also enjoys renewed relationship with Selena Gomez. Thursday, November 30, in Los Angeles hosted the awards ceremony Billboard magazine — Women In Music 2017. According to the magazine, the best woman is the singer. In addition, the actress graced the cover of the December issue of the magazine. In an interview for the issue she told me that she really had reunited with singer Justin Bieber, rumors of which went after many visits and walks a couple.

Another confirmation of the novel was another release together. Paparazzi caught the lovers in the Montage hotel. The pair sat in the restaurant and had a nice conversation, after a while the conversation turned into passionate kisses and hugs.

Insiders told the magazine Life Style Weekly that last week the couple lives together, because Bieber did not notice the time at home girls in the morning.

“Selena and Justin are back together. Like Selena always had feelings for him. While her friends want her to be careful because she has only recently recovered after a serious operation,” says the insider to foreign publications.

Before you give a second chance to Justin, Selena was Dating 27-year-old Abel Tesfaye of Makkonen’s acting under pseudonym The Weeknd. Their relationship lasted 10 months, after which the couple broke up. One of the reasons was called busy schedule. The Weeknd has been busy with his concert tour that would not let him fully take care of his beloved. “Within a few months they find it difficult to admit that everything is going to breakup,” said one of the insiders. Many assumed that the singer has parted ways with Abel, because he decided to get back together with Bieber. When the children denied their relationship, but only explained a joint walk friendly. Now it’s official.

Recall that his relationship in love with Justin and Selena started 2010. After two years of stable relationship, the couple began to experience difficulties. They are not infrequently broken up and got back together again. The final break occurred in 2015. After the break, the family Selena and her entourage have stated that she is not going to give a chance to the young man and to resume the old relationship, while Bieber himself was determined to return his beloved.