Джастин Бибер отказался петь для Дональда Трампа за 5 миллионов долларов

Canadian singer Justin Bieber refused to huge fees, however some cushy job: just a 45-minute speech at the Republican national Convention, the young man promised five million dollars. To support the odious policies of Donald trump , even for so much money, he did not.

But as it turned out, it is not in political tastes. Being a native of Canada, Justin is not particularly interested in what happens in the political arena of the United States, but his Manager Scooter Braun, who for many years involved in the campaign of the opponent of trump, Hillary Clinton said that if Bieber will accept a tempting offer of the command of Donald, they will have to break the contract. The sum of, without a doubt, impressive, but Justin chose not to ruin personal and business relationships with their Manager for the sake of momentary benefit.

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