Джастин Бибер сделал предупреждение фанатам

New passion is a canadian actor Justin Bieber Sofia Richie is not like some of his fans. Couple resting in Tokyo, leaving photos of his stay in Japan on their pages in social networks. Charter to read unflattering comments, Justin has been warned by the sharp tongue fans, threatening them to close your page if they don’t stop throwing mud at the woman he loved.

“I’m going to close your page on Instagram private if you guys don’t stop your uncontrolled hatred. If you’re really my fans, then stop insulting the people I like” — wrote Justin on his page in the social network.
The daughter of Lionel Richie and canadian singer began Dating a few weeks ago, and since then, almost inseparable.
But Selena Gomez decided to insert the five copecks into a fight with Bieber and his fans.
“If you can’t bear the hatred of their fans, then stop posting pictures of his girlfriend.. No offense to fans, they love you” — wrote Selena, commenting on the situation. Jealous of what?
Recall that Justin and Selena were on and off many times, and fans of the couple already got used to their separations. Probably, some of them in the shower there was still hope that Gomez and Bieber are still together, and his affair with Richie is extremely frustrated them.

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