Джастин Бибер задумался об усыновлении

Justin Bieber recently again began to show some strange behavior. Its next manifestation was the desire of the singer to become a foster dad. Given the young age of the performer, the decision that seems rash.

We hasten to reassure you that actually have a life of Bieber is not a baby. Justin can be a foster father…the lion, with whom I recently met.

The desire of Bieber told the guardian cub Alex Haditaghi, who, however, said that at the moment he doesn’t know, said if the singer is serious about receiving the lion or he will be involved in his life remotely on the rights of the sponsor.

“I was shocked how he took to the animal. He seemed so caring,” said Alex.

Recall, the release of the photos along with a lion provoked the organization for the protection of animals (RETA) to demand that Bieber apologize. The organization’s representatives are confident that the attention to the animal – it’s part of the PR Justin.


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