Джастин Бибер обручился с Хейли Болдуин
Parents of the bride and groom confirmed the news.

Джастин Бибер обручился с Хейли Болдуин

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

Photo: Social networks

24-year-old Justin Bieber did
offer 21-year-old model, the niece of Alec Baldwin Haley, and she answered him Yes. The engagement took place during a holiday in the Bahamas.
This became known after one of the tourists who were at the same resort, the social network that he and his friend witnessed how
Justin, not hesitant in front of others, stood in front of Haley one
knee and asked her to be his wife.

And soon there was one
evidence held of the engagement was published a few shots
made by a certain user of social
Network — @azymanzur.
In these photos, on the ring finger of the left hand Haley is simply impossible not
to notice a ring with a huge diamond.

Incidentally, parents
Justin and Hailey have already reacted to the news. Bieber’s Dad — Jeremy
congratulated the lovers with “the beginning of a new Chapter in their relationship. And dad of the bride — Stephen Baldwin, brother of Alec, also congratulating
the daughter and her lover, wished them happiness and love.

News of the engagement of Bieber
surprised many. Although Justin and Hailey long and the story
relations, the current “round” of their romance resumed just a little more
months ago. However, familiar Bieber and Ms. Baldwin for a very long time: the first time
they met in 2009 when both were still very young. They were introduced then
Hayley’s father.

For a long time they were friends
and in the novel their relationship is outgrown only at the end of 2015. At the beginning of 2016
Justin, in one of his interviews, confirmed that he loves Hayley. However, just
a few months after this, Bieber went on a concert tour, and they
parted. Moreover, the breakup was not peaceful. As admitted later
Hayley, quite a long time after that they didn’t even talk to each other.

this year, once again after parting with Selena Gomez and having to twist more
a couple of fleeting novels, Justin
resumed his relationship with Hayley. And the last few weeks they just
inseparable. And, all the while continuously demonstrate their tender feelings
in public…

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin