Justin Bieber injured during concert

Джастин Бибер травмировался во время концерта

During yesterday’s concert in Kansas city, Missouri, Justin Bieber did not take into account the actions of the special effects in the form of artificial rain, slipped and he had hurt himself when falling. But as a professional, the loonie immediately jumped to his feet and continued to sing.

22-year-old performer just sang their new hit “Sorry”, and make it look more impressive, I decided to run along the edge of the stage. The duration of artificial rain slid sickly, and Justin had to jump down to the smaller stage, where he was carried by inertia. Already there, having landed badly, Bieber fell on his back.
The fans who shot the video of the concert of his idol, already shared it on the network, but for a reason, and to emphasize that, despite the obviously painful fall, Justin quickly pulled himself together and continued performance.
“He fell, but it still looks great. It was so cool – he fell, but continued to speak! Justin Bieber, I love you and so proud!” — wrote one of his fans posted under the video.
“Today was a wonderful show. Thank you!” — wrote after the concert Justin, a word not remembering the embarrassment.

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