Justin Bieber ignites with a stranger in Dubai

Джастин Бибер зажигает с незнакомкой в Дубае The singer has a rest in the company of friends and an unknown girl at a resort in Dubai. Justin Bieber is actively pursuing a weekend in between gigs, and fans are wondering who his new fiancee.

The idol of millions of teenagers Justin Bieber – continues to excite fans with new adventures. Recently popular singer in between concerts in the tour went on holiday to Dubai. Here the singer is actively pursuing time with friends, playing football and relaxes in the pool in the company of a stranger in a black bikini. The contractor shall publish holiday pictures to your blog, and followers are wondering – who is this unknown girl, which is present on several photos of the singer.

Recently, the Network was actively discussed release of Justin Bieber’s 20-year-old actress Hayley Steinfeld. At a social event, the singer and his fiancee had a nice conversation and flirting. Fans speculated that this could be a revenge ex-girlfriend: the meeting was ex-beloved stars – Selena Gomez – with new passion.

It is difficult to understand whether the girl in the pictures from Dubai the same Haley Steinfeld, but fans are sure that this new friend Justin.

Recall that the relations known by American singer Selena Gomez lasted four years. The couple are constantly spending time together, often seen at social events, sports matches and shared rides. Their Union seemed perfect, but soon the young people began the constant quarrels and conflicts because of jealousy and mistrust Selena. And in 2014, they decided to leave. Then Justin tried to return to his beloved, but she was determined.

Experiencing a bad breakup, Bieber started Dating other girls. He attributed an affair with a black beauty Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke, they attended various social events, and then together went to the hotel. Then had a brief romance with Cailin Russo, and then the singer and even provoked a scandal, admitting to relations with a minor Sofia Richie, the daughter of a world musician Lionel Richie.

After the joint publication with Hayley Steinfeld fans decided that Justin’s new novel, however, the stranger from Dubai left the fans in disbelief. They just have to guess whether an unknown girl in bikini new girlfriend of the singer or is it just a passing fad.