Justin Bieber helped my father to celebrate the engagement

Джастин Бибер помог отцу отпраздновать помолвку

Jeremy Bieber, the father of the famous singer Justin Bieber, is finally about to lead to the altar his beloved and the mother of his children Chelsea Rebelo. Their engagement the couple celebrated a crazy party in Toronto. Visited her and Justin.

Джастин Бибер помог отцу отпраздновать помолвку
22-year-old singer for the party of the father even interrupted his tour. On his page in the social network Justin published a picture, which he captured with a tiger – obviously a wild beast was part of the entertainment.

Recall that with his father, Bieber, as he has repeatedly said in interviews, much closer than with her mother Patti Molett, which, to be honest, the young man owes his career. Father left them with almost mother after the birth of Justin, relations between them were established many years later. But the mother, who was engaged in his musical education and took on various competitions, dashing private life, the singer has a strained relationship – they rarely see each other.
“Dad we have a relationship much better than with my mom. I haven’t seen for a long time” — once said Justin in an interview.

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