Justin Bieber has swapped houses and villas hotel

Джастин Бибер променял элитные дома на отель

Canadian singer Justin Bieber is tired from lonely life in a huge expensive mansions. In the days when the house has noises and a lot of people, artist is not too lonely, but the rest of the time – though a wolf howl. In order not to suffer from loneliness in the house, the rent of which he managed in 80 thousand dollars, the mega-rich singer moved into the hotel room at The Montage Hotel in Beverly hills.

Fans and reporters quickly identified a balcony singer.. hung on drying shorts from Calvin Klein and t-shirts. Wow, these demigods themselves wash their clothes!
“Bieber has organized many parties in a rented house in Tulka lake, there were myriads of girls who performed with him the night, but he is tired of this life. Now his house back to rent out. Justin is tired of living in big houses alone, now he prefers to live in a hotel” — said the insider let slip that the house that once rented Bieber was 16 bedrooms, a home cinema, a swimming pool, gym and much more.
The Montage Hotel is a favorite spot for Justin for a long time. Even during his love affair with Selena Gomez Bieber not once stayed in it. Here in January of last year, he sang her a Serenade for foreplane.