Джастин Бибер поскандалил с поклонниками в Манчестере

Scandal over the performance of canadian singer Justin Bieber in Manchester. On the eve of the 23rd of October by gave there for the third concert, and even could not think that people who gave money for the opportunity to see him be so rough with him. During the show, Justin has tried to establish a dialogue with the crowd, but it didn’t work out.

The audience began to shout and scream while Bieber tried to say something to them in a microphone, and then have come to listen began to otvetyat it. In the hearts Justin threw the microphone onto the ground and went away. After spending a few hours backstage of the show, the singer continued his speech, but made no more attempts to communicate with the fans.
Recall that at a recent concert in London, Justin asked fans to be quiet during his performance of the song that was widely taken as a rudeness on the part of the contractor.