Наталья Подольская отдала сына на акробатику
Small Artemia grows extremely active child.

Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov’s son Artemy

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Son of Natalia Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov in my two and a half years is unusually active. “Artemia period of acrobatic stunts, — Natalya told. Every morning he rises at half seven, and the evening tumbles without a break for sleep. I started to drive it in section of acrobatics, and now he masters the basic exercises. I often go to the circus with him, and he is inspired by looking at artists performing incredible stunts”.

Artemy barely stood on his feet, the parents realized that the little boy loves sports and is characterized by endurance, agility, perseverance — in General, all those that can boast any Olympic champion. Tumbling is not the only hobby of the baby.

The theme of for a year engaged in swimming, it perfectly floats and dives. In addition, this winter Natalia “put” son of downhill skiing. Two-year Artem was engaged on the slopes of Austria with a professional trainer. He learned how to stand on skis, go straight and slow down, that this baby — very impressive results, considering that has been the star family resort just two weeks.