Justin Bieber for the first time appeared in public after the cancellation of the world tour

Джастин Бибер впервые появился на публике после отмены мирового турне

Teen idol, singer Justin Bieber for the first time appeared in public after the controversial cancellation of “Purpose World Tour”. The singer appeared before the eyes of the fans at the opening ceremony of “Hanes x Karla” in West Hollywood, California on Thursday night.

Джастин Бибер впервые появился на публике после отмены мирового турне

23-year-old Bieber appeared at the event to support the cooperation of your stylist Carla Welch, Haynes. Fans and guests of the event saw the new collection, which consisted of seven white t-shirts for men and women. The clothing line was inspired by love Justin to the long white t-shirts. He often appears in outfits including a long white t-shirt.

Popular singer of the hit “Sorry” arrived at the venue around 8:45 PM. Bieber appeared in a long white t-shirt with a star on the shoulder and a black mark on his chest. Also the singer wore a snapback cap, torn jeans, pastel pink sneakers and a backpack. Justin exchanged a few words with his Manager Scooter Braun and went to enjoy the fun.

Justin Bieber drank a few SIPS of pale lager Crown and agreed to pose for the paparazzi. After the paparazzi took some pictures, will get again retired in order to enjoy the served cocktails.

The popular singer began his secret silence after the abrupt cancellation of his world tour called “Purpose World Tour”. The singer told reporters that he decided to break from a two-year tour. Soon in press there were rumors about leaving Bieber in the name of religion. After some time, news which was confirmed on the return of the musician, where he said that “religion will not be able to stop my musical career.” On Wednesday, Bieber broke his silence after the cancellation of the tour by writing a rather emotional post on his profile on instagram, where she admitted, “give my complexes sometimes to overcome.”

“I let my broken relationship to dictate how I behave towards people and how I treated them. I allowed bitterness, envy, and fear control my life!!!” Bieber wrote in the post. “I’m extremely happy that you have these people who in recent years has helped to build my identity again, reminding me who I really am and what I want to be.”

After the cancellation of the tour, Bieber told fans that he needs time for rest and reflection on their personality. In the same week Justin the car knocked down the paparazzi as he left a Church service in Beverly hills.

Sources close to Bieber said that the singer was “all right”, but “terribly tired” from the tour and upcoming trips. “He attended Church and spent a lot of time with his buddies at the service of the Church. However, he is very exhausted.” according to the source portal People about the status of the contractor. “He really liked to be on tour, but he traveled the world for 18 months, which affects his condition.”