Justin Bieber brought the eagle

Джастин Бибер завел орла

Justin Bieber in recent times is no different exemplary behavior. He is harsh on his concerts and in communion with his fans. For example, a few weeks ago at the request of his fans on photo sharing, the contractor replied that he did not like how the fan looks. “You make me sick,” said Bieber.

But if for fans Justin does not feel anxious feeling, itself, of course, loves and tries to make it even more beautiful. Recently, canadian singer boasted a new body figure that is now emblazoned on his stomach.

Justin “filled” the image of a huge eagle. It is located over the tattoo with the name of his 2015 album “Purpose” and under the Son of God, which he stuffed in the end of 2016.

Just on the body of Justin a few dozen tattoos, including the year of birth of his mother (1975), the crown, the cross, the Seagull, the bear’s head, the word “sorry” and others.