Джастин Бибер довел маму Селены Гомес до больницы
Mother of singer hospitalized with a nervous breakdown.

Джастин Бибер довел маму Селены Гомес до больницы

Renewed after a three year break novel Selena Gomez and Justin
Bieber, who started out so rosy, was marred by a very unpleasant event.
Selena’s mom — Mandy Typhus was
hospitalized with a nervous breakdown.

Yesterday in the house Mandy in Los Angeles, the police arrived,
caused by one of the family members concerned as Mandy and fear
on its safety. The doctors arrived a little later “emergency” suggested mom Selena going to the hospital to have a little treat
nerves. Mandy agreed to their offer and was taken to the hospital.

Nervous breakdown happened at Mrs Typhus no accident — she
was extremely concerned about the resumption of the affair of his daughter with Justin Bieber. Have
Mandy remained too vivid memories of the suffering her daughter in
2014, when she broke up with Bieber. Mom Selena did not believe that Justin could
to change. She is convinced that even if Bieber behaves with dignity, in the future, he
will cause her daughter a lot of pain. And when you consider that this summer, Selena
almost died because of worsening of his chronic illness — lupus and
her health is still fragile, the experience can seriously affect her condition. To stop Selena from the renewed relationship with Justin, she could not. And impending catastrophe, which she considered inevitable, led Mandy into such a horror that her nerves could not stand…

Interestingly, Justin’s mother, Patty reacted to the resumption of the affair of his son with Gomez diametrically
in the opposite way. Patty said:
she was very glad and added that just loves Selena. Not to mention
that according to the mother of the singer, it is always and in all supports the son.
“If he’s happy, I’m happy!” — admitted Patty.