Джастин Бибер купил двух котят за 35 тысяч долларов США

Джастин Бибер купил двух котят за 35 тысяч долларов США

Famous canadian singer Justin Bieber has repeatedly stated in interviews that loves animals and willing to care for them. To speak spoke, and the case was not proved, so he decided to remedy this situation by buying your house two exotic kittens.

The photos from the social network Instagram experts immediately identified the breed of cats. Animals are the result of crossing a regular domestic cat and the African wild predatory cat. Because of the complexity and rarity of the breed, the singer put the cost of 35 thousand dollars.

Since this breed is very rare, content at home even prohibited legally, but not in all areas of the United States. This purchase was very angry when representatives of animal protection, unfortunately, they have no right to take kittens, but on his official page wrote: “Justin Bieber could inspire your fans all over the world, save lives, taking them from the local shelter, and not to increase the threat the demand for hybrid cats.”

It is worth noting that Pets live with Bieber under one roof for a few weeks. The singer bought them shortly before his wedding with model Hailey Baldwin. Kittens couple called interestingly enough: Sushi and Tuna, and even created a separate account on Instagram. Kittens are popular, their page has more than 200 thousand subscribers. Have Bieber and Hailey also have a dog a Yorkshire Terrier named Oscar. All animals live in peace, not fighting and not fighting, this are the proof photos.

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