Джастин Бибер просит помощи у Селены Гомес

Selena Gomez struggles with the effects of incurable disease — systemic lupus erythematosus. Justin Bieber admires the tenacity and strength of will of a former lover and asks her to help in the fight against depression!

On the background of the disease, the singer developed a serious depression, and in the autumn of last year, Selena was hospitalized with a nervous breakdown. The media reported that the cause of failure was the news the wedding of Justin and Hayley.

Now Gomez is feeling much better. The star was vacationing in Mexico, showed the body in a chic swimsuit and carefree walking around Los Angeles. Justin impressed how the singer copes with illness and I am sure that Selena should help him. Justin thinks he’s “going through what she went through and why he needs advice.” Close Bieber unhappy with this behavior.

“At the moment he really needs to let go of the past. He is married and the time has come,” says a friend of Bieber.
Despite requests from Bieber, Selena has long said goodbye to the past and is not going to return to it. The singer has made it clear to former boyfriend Justin Bieber, who is now married to Hailey Baldwin, he was in the past!

Close to the singer, the source reported that, on hearing the confession of Bieber on the social network, she got very angry. Justin on instagram said that still feels love for his ex, but to go back to her not going. But Gomez does about the past does not want to remember! The artist doesn’t even want Bieber used her name in their statements. “Selena long I closed that door and now she is doing well. It is not clear why they again mention her in connection with himself. She tries to avoid Justin and Hailey, but they again and again use its name”. Gomez did not want to know about the status of Bieber, now he has a wife, who should care about the artist.

We will remind, the Union of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez still haunts many fans who are confident — Justin returns to the singer, despite the fact that the artist has long been married to model Hailey Baldwin. But, unfortunately for fans, Justin is not going to return the ex and explained about it on instagram.

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