Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez decided to get married

Джастин Бибер и Селена Гомес решили пожениться Favorites of millions, it seems, back together. Broke up about four years ago celebrities now almost all the media say how about the new couple. Moreover, the 24-year-old actress and singer is ready to become a wife “the bad guy”, whom used to consider it the former, and now, apparently, already and current lover.

      Джастин Бибер и Селена Гомес решили пожениться

      According to the source of the American edition, the 22-year-old Bieber has decided to return to a former girlfriend at the time, when she passed a rehabilitation course. The girl continues to struggle with increased anxiety and panic attacks which are symptoms of lupus, diagnosed selenium a few years ago. Then Bieber to visit her, and apparently celebrities get so close that they decided to tie the knot. The canadian musician says that four years ago Selena did everything for the development of their relationship, and he wants to be back with his beloved woman.

      “Selena has told friends that he and Justin think to escape somewhere away from all, for example, the Caribbean or Hawaii, or Mexico. She says that marriage would solve all her current problems”, – said the source.

      However, the artists themselves do not comment on rumors in the press rumors about the resumption of their romance and impending wedding. Two celebrities remain silent, and does not even allude to the fact that the conversations around them people quite obosnovanny and Prodigy. So while we can only make assumptions and speculate the relative further developments. But as they say, smoke without fire, so, for sure, Selena and Justin at least talk to and spend time with each other, not really hiding mutual sympathy.

      In any case, the popularity and love of fans both celebrities not to take. The number of subscribers microblog Gomez more than 100 million. She does not forget to thank followers for their dedication and interest in her life. “It’s all mine, and all of you are very dear to me. Thank you for what you have, for understanding that I and my working days you care about” – she wrote under the post, which posted a collage of photos with his fans. By the way, this entry has collected more than three million likes.

      Bieber, in turn, also feels great. On account of his fifth place in the ranking of the richest young artists according to Forbes. And women in love he had never felt the lack.

      As for microblog canadian singer, then he removed it in the summer of this year. The reason for this action was the many negative comments from followers, celebrities among themselves are called haters. Millions of people spoke negatively about that photo of Justin with a 17-year-old model Sophia Richie, which they considered ugly and too young for a singer. Then the girl asked Bieber to take action and stop the flow of dirty words in her address. By the way, then in this situation has participated, and Gomez, who also advised former boyfriend delete account in Instagram.

      We will remind that Roman Gomez and Bieber began in 2010, the young men met about two years. Then there were rumors that Justin was the first man Selena. The singer had a lot of girls and to the young brunette from America, and after it. Bieber long been accustomed to consider bad boy and a womanizer. Especially disliked the young man’s parents Gomez and her grandparents, who were raising a girl, when she was little. But, again according to unconfirmed reports, star of the pop scene is ready to mend his ways for his beloved and to start life with a clean slate.