Джастин Бибер и Хейли Болдуин подглядывают за чужой свадьбой

Fans of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are looking forward to the wedding of stars. Details of the ceremony guys not disclosed, but the fact that they are already being prepared — it’s a fact. The fact that the stars were convicted of espionage in a foreign wedding.

Last Friday, in an Italian hotel Belmond Cruso in Ravello, the ceremony of the marriage of British Rebecca reed-Sperrin and Stefan Johansen. Nothing boded trouble. The celebration was in full swing, someone noticed something odd in the bushes. In the garden of a neighbouring Villa were not dwarves, and Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. They watched the celebration, most likely, drawing ideas for your future celebrations.

Told the bride, who still can not move away from the incident. .”It was surreal. We had no idea that Justin Bieber lived in the neighborhood. But on this day, he definitely stole my holiday” — quoted now married to the girl newspaper the Sun.

The bride joked that now do not believe in the uniqueness of their wedding. “Will check, is not copied if it is my dress at my own wedding!”

We will remind, quite recently, Alec Baldwin has advised Justin Bieber and niece Haley not to rush into marriage. But I guess you guys never listen to the advice of the elders. Recently, news emerged, backed by two insiders, occurred the wedding of Justin and Hayley. Haley denied the rumors, but her uncle said otherwise. At the ceremony of the Emmy Alec confirmed my niece’s wedding.

“Yeah, they ran off and got married! I do not know now things they’re doing. We are constantly in correspondence with Hayley, but that’s the Justin I’ve only seen once. Although I’m not worried, Haley had a wonderful father who knows how better,” Alec commented on the rumors in an interview with Access on the red carpet of the ceremony.

As long as the public is trying to reach out to the truth, the couple peacefully spends time on the streets of new York. Paparazzi spotted them in one of the Central parks. They hugged and kissed.