Джастин Бибер уже забыл Селену Гомес
The singer spent the night in the company of an unidentified blonde.

Джастин Бибер уже забыл Селену Гомес

Selena Gomez


Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber, who recently again
I broke up with Selena Gomez, do not lose time in vain. He has already started Dating
other beauties. The other day he, for example, reporters “spotted” Justin in
the company of the unknown of a young blonde, with whom he was acting, according to
witness their Dating, not as just a friend.

Paparazzi managed to shoot 24-year-old Bieber when he came with “stranger”
night club Avenue,
located in Hollywood. There he stayed with beauty until late at night, until
the couple joined friends Bieber: son of Arnold Schwarzenegger Patrick with
his girlfriend Abby champion. Together they moved to more fashionable
the school — Roxy. And
then, how did you manage to trace reporters, Justin with the blonde left
the club (it was already about four o’clock in the morning) and they went by car into the side of his

Interestingly, 25-year-old Selena, which was very worried as
her family and fans, too, does not look unhappy. Although mother
the singer expressed extreme concern about the reopening last fall of the Roman
my daughter Bieber, fearing that Justin was gonna break her heart, that,
not seem to happen. Yesterday Selena was seen on the bike trip with a friend in Studio City (CA).
And Selena looked very happy: she was all smiles and carefree
laughing in response to jokes friends. So, it seems, parting with
Justin her drove her to depression.

We recall that Selena and
Justin, who last met intermittently for three years, resumed its
the novel in September 2017. Moreover, in order to reunite with Bieber
Gomez broke up with his previous boyfriend — Abel Thisteam,
literally wore it on his hands, and whom she was going to marry…