Justin Bieber almost got strangled because of a bad joke

Джастина Бибера чуть не задушили из-за неудачной шутки

In the network appeared the photo, as a fellow 22-year-old singer the Austin Post, known under the name Post Malone, grabbed him by the throat…

In the network appeared the photo, as a colleague of Justin Bieber Austin Post, he is on his razogreve during the tour, grabbed him by the throat…

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The fight between the two artists occurred in a night club Houston and began so suddenly that at first nobody paid attention to it.

The first in the conflict, oddly enough, came Justin Bieber. He either accidentally or on purpose I extinguished the cigarette in hand Austin Post. The victim reacted immediately: he grabbed the offender by the throat! And with such force that poor Justin was unable to respond in kind…

Fortunately, nobody has suffered. Colleagues have managed to make peace without the use of physical force. After a few minutes they continued to have fun, forgetting about the incident.

20-year-old Austin Post, admittedly, is not as popular as Justin Bieber, but is his old friend. He performs as the opening act before a performance of Bieber, and a year ago released the first record. So quarrel the young people don’t need all that, still do not know who of them will be more popular a couple of years.

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