Джастин Бибер отказался от  больной собаки

Many of us love animals. We are happy to play with our Pets, but when they are touched by some kind of disease, not everyone is ready to fight for the health of your four-legged friend. It happened with Justin Bieber.

22-year-old singer six months ago adopted a puppy Chow. Like any dog, it needed care and nurturing that Bieber could not give him. Justin said that he just did not have time for this, because he hurried to find the dogs new owner, whom was a backup dancer artist – C. J. Salvador.

Now it turns out that Todd (dog’s name) Bieber rushed to get rid of not just.

The dog was born with a severe defect of the hip joint and requires surgery that costs $ 8,000. Pay for it, of course, will now be the new owner of Todd. By the way, as he says in El Salvador, about the illness of their dog Bieber did not know, because he has no claims to the contractor. Not disingenuous if Justin on account of their ignorance?

Recall that the house Bieber the animals are not delayed.

For example, in 2012, at a concert, he said goodbye to his hamster PAC, giving him the fan with the words: “You have to take care of him”.

And at the end of March 2015 at the airport of Munich Justin found that he had forgotten for my monkey, and decided to just leave it at customs.