Оправдания Кристины Сысоевой не умерили гнев общественности Previously, the former wife of the oligarch said that the attack prevented her to enjoy the fireworks. The girl was resting near nice, where on the eve of the tragedy, which claimed the lives of over 80 people.

      Оправдания Кристины Сысоевой не умерили гнев общественности

      The whole world mourns the victims of the terrorist act, which occurred the day before in the South of France. The truck with the Tunisian driving a burst into the crowd of people to celebrate the national French holiday. Among the guests were many families with children. A terrorist opened fire on the people. According to preliminary data, killing more than 80 people, the lives of hundreds of people, doctors are fighting in hospitals.

      The tragedy in nice: stars mourn the victims of the terrorist attack in France

      Ex-wife of British billionaire Kristina Sysoeva rested yesterday with friends near nice. She planned to enjoy festive fireworks on the occasion of Bastille Day on Board the yacht. When the attack occurred, socialite dined in the open sea.

      “I’m fine, just a shame they cancelled the fireworks in Saint-Tropez – shared Christina later. – And so, we have a lot of security, super everything! We rested on the boat, had dinner, a Frenchman came and said that there was a terrorist attack of some kind, so you need to leave, go back ashore, and, well, the weather is bad still. We are so upset, I wanted the fireworks to look at, but the horror happened and they canceled! I’m on guard, without it now, of course, nowhere. With my diamonds on the street will not work. You need at least two bodyguards that were guarding the jewels”.

      It is not surprising that the word Sysoeva touched many network users and create in them real anger. The followers of the ex-wife of the oligarch began to unsubscribe from the girl and leave her at last full of negative emotions messages in the comments. Then Christina published a post in which you admitted that she, too, mourns the victims of the tragedy in nice.

      Оправдания Кристины Сысоевой не умерили гнев общественности

      In an interview with reporters Christina was justified for his words. Sysoeva said that at first did not understand that the attack took place, thinking it was a joke. In addition, she cannot grasp why her words provoked such a storm of emotions.

      “When we were informed that there was a terrorist attack, I decided that it was a joke. I do not understand anything. So I decided to play along, comment: told me about the fireworks, about the bodyguards. In fact, it’s terrible, the most terrible that can be. People came to rest and fell into this nightmare, – said Sysoev. – I do not understand why suddenly everything exploded. Their sarcasm in this case is irrelevant – this is ridiculous.”

      Meanwhile, excuse Christina did not have the desired effect. Subscribers Sysoeva continued to write angry comments in the microblog that she had no time to wash. Some openly insulted the girl, so she had to close your account in Instagram.

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