Just like dad: Brooklyn Beckham has copied the tattoo of his father

Как у папы: Бруклин Бекхэм скопировал татуировку отца

On the body of David Beckham, a huge number of tattoos. The player on the spare of the skin and gladly gets on her drawings, which have for him a special meaning and value. For example, the body decorated with a tattoo of Beckham, which are related to its children (figure, who created baby Harper). Now, the example of his father should be the eldest of the sons – Brooklyn. The guy not long ago turned 18 years old, and because parents want it or not, he is free to do what he wants. Here Brooklyn and decided to “fill” on the hand image in the form of the head of an Indian – just like the Pope.

Only if a former football player it is located on the edges, then Brooklyn decided to put the first figure on hand. Tattooing friend David Beckham mark Mahoney.

“Thank You, Mark. Just like my dad,” wrote Brooklyn. Note that at this moment the young man was not left without support: father David carefully watched and encouraged my son.

It is worth saying that such shared moments of father and son in the near future will happen less and less. Earlier we told you that Brooklyn is going to leave his father’s house and from the UK to move to the U.S. where he wants to study the art of photography.

By the way, while Brooklyn shows off new tattoo, David posted a picture of your scar all over his face that shocked his followers.