Jura Shutanov lost her mother

Юра Шутанов потерял мать Legal guardian of the artist passed away. Sad news about the death of Galina Venediktova said Andrei Razin on his page in Instagram. Yura Shatunov found a foster mother at the age of 15.
Юра Шутанов потерял мать

The star of the ‘ 80s, the soloist of cult group “Tender may” Yuri Shatunov newly orphaned. His adoptive mother, legal guardian, honored teacher Galina Venediktova died. This was reported by Andrey Razin, producer of the legendary pop band, on his page in Instagram.

He has published a rare video with the teacher and her adopted son and signed. Last years teacher worked in the inter-regional youth public organization “sunshine” together with Razin.

“10.06.2018 years passed away Venediktov Galina, honored teacher of Russia, Vice-President of the Interregional Youth Public Organization “sunshine”. Galina Fedorovna was the Director of the boarding school N24 of the city of Moscow, where he studied all the guys of the group “Tender may”, and was also the official guardian of the Jura Shatunova,” wrote Andrei Razin.

Galina Venediktova became a guardian Jura Shatunova in 1988, when the future star was 15. Up to this point life has already managed to pull a decent guy from the Bashkir Kumertau, where he was born. His father and mother was married before, lived raggedly, and then divorced. Vera Gavrilovna Shatunova gave his son his name, and his father Vasily Vladimirovich Klimenko was only in metric.

Yuri lost his own mother when he was barely 12 years old. First he was raised by his aunt and then he went to Orenburg boarding school №2, and then in the Moscow boarding school №24. Here is his official guardian, and that was Galina. From here began his stellar musical career and history of one of the most popular bands of the generation of “Tender may”.

Andrei Razin sincere thought Galina Venediktova a real guardian angel for many children-orphans. The teacher was engaged in gifted adolescents, gave them the green light to get creative. Razin expressed condolences on the death of a loved one and wrote about where and when will farewell to the teacher: “the Group “Tender may” Yuri Shatunov, Sergey Serkov, Andrey Gurov Oleg Krestovsky and I Express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. Farewell to Galina Fedorovna Venediktova will be held June 13th at 11:00 at the address: Moscow region, city of Troitsk, October prospect, 3,” wrote Razin.