Jumper Dima Bilan repeated Egor Beroev

Фирменный прыжок Димы Билана повторил Егор Бероев
Such speed the actor was not expected.

Фирменный прыжок Димы Билана повторил Егор Бероев

Egor Beroev

Photo: @ksenialferova (Instagram Ksenia Alferova)

Dima Bilan

Photo: TASS/ Marina Lystseva

Dima Bilan, who in 2006, at its first
“Eurovision” was struck by their fans jump crown, there were many
followers. This somersault musician copied and parodied hundreds of times. But
once on the eve of his 30th birthday Bilan (he is now 34) said, “tied
with jumps”, this topic itself, pojavilas. And here the flames suddenly
poured Egor Beroev.

38-year-old actor is reprising jumper Bilan during
the festive concert of charity Fund “I am!”, they supervise
together with his wife Ksenia Alferova. Moreover, the dress code Beroev least expected
acrobatics. Egor the event was hosted in a classic suit, but
courage could not restrain his emotions and was surprised by all the spectators jump in style
the winner of “Eurovision”. The style, however, differed slightly from the technique Bilan.
But the reason was most likely, a fitted costume of the actor, at the time
as a singer, dressed in jeans, nothing restricted in my movements.

The Beroev, by the way, has demonstrated excellent physical shape.
Unlike Bilan, who at the time of participant at “Eurovision” jumped
down from the height of the piano, Hayley made the jump from the place, and this requires
much more effort. This moment managed to capture Ksenia Alferova. “Promised
the report of our holiday concert… Catch. It all started with the speech
supersaturating, enchanting Music Band Imperia. Musical Twister tossed in
air everyone, including my husband”, — said Kseniya.

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