Julius Franz was amazed at the act Alexander Tsekalo

Юлию Франц поразил поступок Александра Цекало
The actress admitted to the producer’s feelings.

Julia Franz

Photo: Social networks

In the modern world are still gentlemen. Alexander Tsekalo has set an example of behavior of a real man. The producer recently took part in the filming of interview with Yuri Dude. Well-known journalist asked Tsekalo most tricky questions about his work, family and much more. One of them was dedicated to Julia Franz, who worked with Alexander on the project “Gogol”.

Yuri made a claim that Franz looked in the picture are not organic because of the alleged artificially enlarged lips and Breasts. It’s discordant, according to Dude with her image in the film. Alexander did not argue about the naturalness of the appearance of the French. He only said that Julia was perfect for the role of Oksana. “I believe that Julia is a miracle as well! I am not so embedded in the personal life of this actress. I don’t know what kind of correction took place. I really like this actress. Our company takes not beautiful people. We were interested in texture, not the origin of the rounded shoulder, knee, or breast!” — said Tsekalo.

Julia later Alexander expressed special gratitude for the man’s act. “Special thanks I want to thank Alexander Tsekalo, whom I admire as a producer, an actor, a man of (endless), and now the man who supported me in this situation. To be honest, you are the first person who stood up for me. I usually do it alone. I thank you and admire!” — appealed to Alexander actress.

By the way, Julia doesn’t get mad at Dude. “I am obviously very flattered by his attention to my modest person, so. I never could not imagine that such a man, dear, I can only see the screen, Express their opinion about me, even in that context that we have,” she added.