Juliette Binoche has forgiven Gerard Depardieu

Жюльет Бинош простила Жерара Депардье
The French star Cannes open up with 7days.ru

Жюльет Бинош простила Жерара Депардье

Juliette Binoche


Juliette Binoche at the Cannes film festival feels like home. So in this anniversary year, she came to support a competitive women film-directed by Claire Dani “Let the sunshine”, which plays a major role. Legendary actress many times and was leading the ceremony, and a member of the jury, not to mention how many paintings festival producer played in his happy acting career.

— How was the shooting with Gerard Depardieu? You’re kind of a falling out a few years ago, and even in public…

— Well, Gerard was shot with me only one day, and everything went fine. The first time I met him on the set of “Danton” when I was 18 years old. I still attended high school, and he was a master! Remember that time staring at him — his eyes could not tear. (Laughs). And he many times to me, sad sack, came up and was emphasized respectful and delicate. Yes, that’s right. And then gave me some priceless tips.

But this did not prevent him to attack you in the press a few years later…

— Yes, he was very excited then, very determined, was against me. Something we went wrong. Then one day I accidentally met him in Paris on the market. We are there products were purchased. I approached him and asked in a forehead: “Gerard, why are you so mad at me?” And he said, “Oh, I’m talking not hitting. Don’t make this story. I’ve already forgotten.” So our “war” was over.

And now you look at him the same eyes as in his youth?

— I see that he is suffering greatly. And to her eternal bravado and strange actions of hiding the pain. This large man hides a very delicate soul. And you know, I know, how many people he had helped. And that’s about it never says why. Probably nothing. But he’s the man…

— At the festival you are at home, I guess. Not afraid to come on the scene, climb on the red carpet…

— I admit that I’m terribly afraid that fear to pee! (Laughs). And so each time. I hope this year I won’t have to go on stage festival Palace, even if it receives the “Palme d’or!” (Laughs). It’s, you know, a more expensive.

Juliette Binoche in the movie “Let the sunshine”

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