Julie Wang is at war with the haters in the Network

Джулия Ванг воюет с завистниками в Сети Members of the psychic noted that she lost a lot of weight. The followers of Wang worried about her health and are strongly advised to gain a few pounds. Itself Julie sharply responds to the criticism of strangers. According to the stars of the TV show, it is better to deal with them.

      Julia Wang, the winner of season 15 of “the battle of psychics”, lost a lot of weight over the past few months. The Vang followers split into two camps. While some users of the social networking admires her slender, other members of Julia’s urge her to get better. They believe that before the girl looked much better than it is now.

      Itself Wang calmly to the criticism of others and periodically communicates with the followers. “We’re not a public opinion poll”, – with these words she turned to one of the negative commentators. “You are rude,” said podistica Julia. “Oh. Right “pluck-pluck-pluck,” answered the psychic. “Do you think I can hurt a person’s opinion? Seriously, what is it?” – also wrote Wang.

      Fans of Julia recommended her not to concentrate on negative emotions. According to them, insulting the TV star envious.

      “How can say nothing glamorous puss with photos f*** in a swimsuit? Kidding me? Well, or eared dumb girl like Hurvínek, for example, how can it remain silent? I am always surprised their self-esteem above the sky. Scary as a nuclear explosion, as the stupid boots, but I consider myself just super cool. It’s very funny,” said Julia Wang, one of the users of social networks.

      Note that the last time Julia does not write explicit posts on social networks, as it has done before. At the moment the girl has been selling his collection of perfumes and also recalls the past – in the pages of Wang can often be seen the notes made it a year or so ago. “That’s strange. In the kitchen people mercilessly poison cockroaches, and those that they have in mind, engage in dialogue and try to negotiate, and hooked them into the heads of others. And they all eat. 2012” – shared Julie the other day.

      Earlier in the interview, Wang said that the negative comments of Internet users does not affect. “I cannot ignore,” said Julia. She has also admitted that since the childhood got used to constant criticism.

      “I was an introverted, deeply introverted and immersed in their own world. For other people, I was in all respects a strange child. Hated me for what I am with two and a half years, she read books, know some things you don’t know my peers, that outwardly from them is very different, internally, respectively, too,” admitted psychic “StarHit”.