Julianne Moore showed off her laws of attraction The movie star will chair the jury at the Venice Film Festival.

Julianne Moore showed off her laws of attractionAmerican actress Julianne Moore landed in Venice ahead of the 79th International Film Festival. The world's oldest film festival is held on the Lido Island in the Venetian Lagoon and attracts many stars. Julianne Moore has demonstrated her laws of attractiveness” />

This year's Oscar winner will present the festival's highest award, the Golden Lion, as chairman of the jury, which will also include Argentine director Mariano Cohn, British writer Kazuo Ishiguro and Iranian actress Leyla Khatami.

Julianne Moore showed off her laws of attraction

Julianne Moore stepped out of the water taxi in a stylish dark blue blazer, which she wore over a plain white T-shirt and blue jeans. Sunglasses shielded her eyes from the scorching Italian sun, and comfortable loafers were perfect for traveling. =”Julianne Moore showed her laws of attractiveness” />

In her seemingly simple look, in fact, there were several very expensive Gucci brand items: this is the already mentioned double-breasted “Love Parade” jacket with large lapels and gold military-style buttons ( for $2,080) and two elegant designer handbags (for $2,250).

This is how everyday look turns into something completely different.
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