Julia Zimin has unveiled the elect

Юлия Зимина рассекретила своего избранника TV presenter published a photo full of tenderness. Yuliya Zimina was given to understand that next to her captured her beloved man. “As if specially posed, but no!” – signed star picture in which she and her companion stared each other admiring eyes.

      The First channel presenter Julia Zimin, known for his dislike to disclose the details of his personal life, allowed himself to make a move, which was expected least. The star has hinted that he is ready to talk about the chosen one.

      Julia has published in the microblog a picture in which she is depicted together with a man. The photo was taken during the night of the arts at one of the metro stations in Moscow, where he held an impromptu exhibition of paintings. Julia Zimin and the young man holding works of the artist Natalia Okulova. He and she, not hiding admiration and affection, looking at each other. “With Sasha, on the night of the arts,” simply signed the Zimin. But in comments to the post star of the TV series “Carmelita” gave to understand that next to her none other than her favorite person.

      “As if specially posed for pictures. But no, you know. Apparently, and look to each other for life,” wrote the media personality.

      By the way, one of the comments to the post, left, apparently, a close friend of the pair Natalia Okulova, also gives grounds to say that on the night of the arts Zimin came from his chosen. “What kind of milage you, yulek, mimimi”, – declassified beloved artist, whose art TV presenter and her companion promoted in mass the day before.

      Recall that in August last year, fans of the 35-year-old Yulia Zimina was pleasantly surprised by the news of her motherhood. Actress Julia Zimin became a mother

      Daughter star was born in the spring, and for several months the young woman was concealing the birth of an heiress from the General public, but in the end allowed her friend to say publicly about the joyous event. The celebrity mom then told reporters that the baby was named Seraphim, and the entire family from her ecstatic.

      Only a year after the birth of her daughter Julia Zimin became a little more open to discuss the topic of motherhood and to talk about his beloved daughter. However, the star still does not name the father Seraphim, wanting to leave details of personal life to yourself. About her affair with actor Maxim Shchegolev, who, by the way, for the sake of it at the time, left the family head for a long time was silent. Later Julia has published in social networks pictures with her lover, but soon this relationship ended.