Julia Zimin cheated a large sum of money

Юлию Зимину обманули на крупную сумму денег
Leading the First channel has become a victim of fraud.

Photo: Instagram

Yuliya Zimina was in a bad situation. Scammers, trying to get a star on your event, the presenter handed over the certificate to unlimited annual maintenance at the beauty salon in the centre of Moscow. And then, when Julia decided to use the services of the institution, just as they had, but still got nasty in response.

“I was presented with this certificate for one very serious event last spring, says Zimin. — Call from the summer to use it, but each time picking up a woman and the voice Rose Sabitova (no offense, rose.) says to me: “You who the certificate is granted? Nicholas?! Here’s to him and all questions! We do not know anything!”I, of course, all became clear after the first call, but I wanted to make sure, am I right in my suspicions. And I called again. The same reaction, so I decided to tell the whole world where it is not necessary to seek the services of!»

In his personal blog Zimin described in detail what this salon, as it is called and where to her followers avoided this place party.

Well, this certificate Yulia gave, and she bought it herself. You can imagine what a large sum of money would cost a subscription for a year of unlimited service. Zimin is perplexed, why was it necessary to give a “fake” certificate.

“Probably wanted to lure to his event, she says. — Although the occasion was very serious, and so all would come. But apparently decided to err”.

In comments to the perturbed post Julia Instagram here were the representatives of the interior, who in turn accused the actress that she is behaving rude.

“The presenters believe that they can do anything! — stated in the message. And if they refuse, here is the result! We are people too, and we are entitled to refuse! There are stars and abruptly, but do not behave!!!»

Members of Yulia do not understand the essence of the claim of the representatives of the salon, because Zimin was just trying to get a gift, which she presented on behalf of the salon.