Julia was furious criticism from subscribers

Юлия Высоцкая пришла в бешенство от критики подписчиков The star of the cooking show could not hold back emotions. In the program “Eat at home” and in his books Julia gives advice on how to prepare meals that the entire family can enjoy.

Julia is a successful TV presenter and author of several books on cooking. In her blog, she often posts the recipes are healthy and hearty dishes. Master classes star says that adheres to a certain schedule of food, but not deprive themselves of certain foods, which help it to stay in a good mood. In one of the posts she has faced criticism of the recipe cakes with honey.

“Some of the comments produce a lasting impression on me. I want to share”, signed movie Vysotsky.

She read the following comment from user of the popular social network. “Today, in your program “Eat at home” you watered apricots with liquid honey and put it to bake. Everyone already knows that honey should not be heat treated, it becomes a carcinogen. Why are you doing harmful recipes?” – posted by Julia, one of the followers.

Many thought that nothing worked for have paid such attention to review in a social network. Some do not understand her sense of humor, so called evil.

“Julia, very angry post you have got. I hope you’re different”, “Why to make fun of comments, you can just respond and present their arguments”, “Disappointment, unpleasant to watch this video so much anger and sarcasm, the image is destroyed,” wrote the followers Yulia.

Usually Vysotskaya happy subscribers beautiful photos from travels and shares the secrets of a happy life. Now, some fans were disappointed in the sincerity of the stars.