Юлия Высоцкая произвела фурор подтянутой фигурой в бикини Actress of theatre and cinema can highlight slender body with beautiful costumes. Julia Vysotskaya published a photo, which she did during the holidays. Subscribers appreciated the frame and covered the star with compliments.

44-year-old Julia is not one of those who share with the followers candid shots: usually, she prefers discreet and elegant images. Therefore, appeared in Instagram photo immediately attracted the attention of fans. The actress is in Italy along with her friends. On one of the frames of a film star posing in a white bathing suit against the sea.

“Stop a moment,” just a signature for publication left Vysotskaya.

Seeing chiseled figure Vysotskaya, fans went into raptures. They admired the fact that she manages to maintain excellent form. Especially when you consider that it is not only the mother of two children, but also the author of a cooking show, where she deals with delicious dishes. “Wow, legs! Beautiful, always in shape. Time-consuming process, given that the temptation vkusnoteyevo surrounds enough”, “Yulia, you look great!”, “I have goosebumps already! Julia, you are beautiful!” – bombarded the actress with compliments of the follower.

Spouse Vysotskaya Andrei Konchalovsky arrived in Sunny beach: he is working on a new film about Michelangelo. They with Julia have been married for almost 20 years and are a perfect example of creative and harmonious tandem pair. After the Munich festival, where they praised their joint creation – the movie “Paradise”, the Director and his wife had a romantic trip to Europe. Members admired how romantic their relationship. August 20 Andrei Konchalovsky noted the 80th anniversary. However, he too often gets compliments about good physical shape.

Julia regularly demonstrates to fans of the sport. She often goes for a run and watching the diet.

“Today was baking Apple pie at the cider, did the creme brulee with lemongrass, baked stuffed eggplant, pork chops parmigiana, cooked soup, pasta… Phew. To try was only Apple pie is a masterpiece. The rest killed the crew,” wrote Julia and said in hestego, thanks to a large team with a good appetite it is not necessary to eat all meals.