Julia Vysotskaya control son in Instagram

Юлия Высоцкая контролирует сына в «Инстаграме» The actress told how he brings up Pete. For Vysotskaya, as with any mother, it is important to know with whom her heir. The star of the movie “Ray” signed on account of his son, to keep track of where he is.

      The star of the picture “Paradise” Julia Vysotskaya manages to star in a movie, conduct master-classes on cooking, as well as to educate teenage son. According to the artist, it is important who he is talking to Peter. While the boy is studying in one of the Moscow schools and aspires to become a public person.

      Like many teenagers, Peter is registered in social networks. Vysotsky admitted that he subscribed to his “Instagram” to know what the child.

      “I try to be sensitive and to refrain from advice and comments. I would not want to he felt that he should not do something just because it for it can scold. As an intelligent man, he must learn to understand that in life is impossible, and that is possible. My control is to know with whom he communicates. In General, a person needs to understand that free space and freedom in General – is his personal responsibility,” – said Julia.

      The actress admitted that she has two accounts in a social network. One of them – the official page ,which is the production center, and the second – personal. It was under a different name Vysotskaya can follow the work of the famous chefs and photographers.

      According to Yulia, she wants to develop Petya abilities to the exact Sciences. The heir to a famous Director does not seek to follow in the footsteps of their parents and to link their lives with the film, despite the fact that has managed to Shine on the big screen. The boy starred in the film “Ray” and even appeared with their parents at the premiere of the tape at the Venice film festival. However, Julia believes that Peter was in the picture only because he was looking for just such a type.

      “But the thing is that Peter has come under the way: and age, and appearance, and the fact that he is fluent in French. In addition, his scenes were not so difficult, except for the murder scene of his father’s character. I think Peter did fine,” – said Vysotsky edition of “7 days”.

      Besides, the son of the famous pair took over from mother’s culinary talents. As Julia says, he knows how to cook and well versed in the products.