Julia Volkova: “the Operation has divided my life into “before” and “after”

Юлия Волкова: «Операция разделила мою жизнь на «до» и «после»

New guest author’s program Oksana Pushkina “Mirror for the hero” became the ex-soloist of group “Tatu” Yulia Volkova. The air show, the singer spoke about the disease, which greatly thins the population of the Earth.

“In 2012 I was diagnosed with cancer, was diagnosed with “thyroid cancer”. During surgery to remove the tumor voice I damaged the nerve. It was the most critical moment in my life”, — said Volkov.

Юлия Волкова: «Операция разделила мою жизнь на «до» и «после»

During the broadcast of the details of that terrible period Julia did not tell, but later agreed to the full interview.

As it turned out, cancer Volkova was discovered thanks to her sixth sense and intuition that never let down: “I was Diagnosed in August 2012. Our family made regular follow-up: I, mom, dad, my children — every six months we all pass common tests, do an ultrasound. So anything I should not worry, nothing was hurt. Serious usually doesn’t hurt… And then I had a dream: see a doctor in a white coat, who looks at me and says “Julia, you have cancer”. Woke up, I think — recently was at the doctor. But I know myself, I have very developed intuition, I just don’t see anything. Went to re-examination, ultrasound done, including thyroid. The doctor said that there is some seal that is very similar to the tumor, it is necessary to do a biopsy. Fears were confirmed — a malignant tumor”.

Volkov presumida agreed to surgery to remove a malignant tumor, which, according to her attending physician, was safe: “a month after he was diagnosed, had surgery. It is not very complicated, lasted two and a half hours under General anesthesia. It was not painful and scary. Make a small, five inches, cut. Here, look, I still have a barely noticeable scar. The worst thing started then. After such operation the patient immediately starts talking. I woke up, the doctor began to ask me questions, and I couldn’t answer. Nothing at all. Trying to say something, but does not work, instead of sounds — some hissing, no voice at all. It turned out the doctor touched the vocal cords. This was the biggest test for me. On the one hand, I’m alive, got rid of the problem, and lost my voice for a few years, lost their main working tool. The first time is not something that sing could not speak. Sat and thought: all is meaningless — to give injections of phoniatry, warm-up teachers… nothing will help! A mistake turned into hell for me”.

Several years were needed Yulia to recover the voice. To do this, the singer even had to seek the help of a special specialist working with transgender people.

“The year I suffered, then I had two surgeries to restore the voice in Germany — did not help. After some time found a clinic in Seoul, where they make the voice of people, Korean doctor and gave me back my voice. Of course, I “heard” not as much as before, although I have always been the voice husky. But today, I admit, I even sing easier than talk”, — Yulia shared experiences.

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