Julia Volkova has amazed fans by the change in appearance

Юлия Волкова поразила фанатов переменами во внешности
“Former tattoo” has ceased to be a burning brunette.

Julia Volkova

Photo: @official_juliavolkova Instagram Yulia Volkova

Julia Volkova decided to radically change her hairstyle: the singer first life dyed her hair red. Being all his life “burning” a brunette, the actress completely unexpected for their fans said goodbye to the old way.

Fans learned about the change in appearance of Yulia thanks to social networks. Volkova in the microblog has posted a picture, which showed fans a new hair color. It is worth noting that many subscribers star initially didn’t even recognize their idol.

“As always on top! Red-haired beast”, “Elegant and stylish! Look good in your new hair color! Each new image in its own beautiful, always unforgettable and spectacular!”, “What a beautiful! Hairdo is the bomb!”, “Great! Creative and fresh,” — says fans of the changes to the image Volkova. Recently, Yulia, by the way, often experimenting with style: the singer then stepped up long hair, then cut off the bangs. In short, she is still in search of his unique style.

By the way, this summer it became known that Volkova is preparing for her wedding: she finally fell in love and are ready to communicate with this man my life. “I already am married. Want wedding. I already know what will be my dress!” — shared Julia in the show “the Secret to a million.”