Юлия Волкова устроила романтические каникулы с возлюбленным Couple enjoying a day at the seaside. The place that Julia Volkova chose to vacation with the kids and her husband she calls “a Paradise”. The singer intrigued fans by showing the very brutal man.

      Юлия Волкова устроила романтические каникулы с возлюбленным

      Ex-member of the popular group t.A.T.u Julia Volkova a couple of days ago announced to subscribers microblog that goes on holiday with their children – 12-year-old daughter Vika and 9-year-old son Samir.

      What kind of place she chose to leave heirs, Julia said. Fans are trying to speculate about where their favorite singer, and agree that resting star whether in Greece or in Bulgaria.

      “This is Paradise” – Julia Volkova signed one of the pictures taken on the background of gorgeous panoramas of the sprawling seaside city. The next frame makes it clear why this place Julia believes similar to Eden. As it turned out, on a journey to the shores of the sea Volkova went not only in the company of children, but also her lover, whose name she keeps in a strict secret, but a joint photo with him occasionally, but publishes. At this time, the singer was intrigued by the style of the popular project “Follow me.” It Yulia Volkova depicted in the company of a brutal macho. The photo is great to see the muscular torso of the companion stars with large hands and a strong chin. The very same Julia while still demonstrating that he is in great form and is consistent with his cavalier.

      “Julia, you are beautiful always! And in such an amazing mood not to look away. Let the sea be kind, in the heart of the hot sun. Amazing, Julia! Happiness, joy and all the joys of summer!”, “What a beauty! Pretty woman – began to admire what he saw fans of Yulia Volkova.
      Юлия Волкова устроила романтические каникулы с возлюбленным

      It is worth noting that the media has speculated that the beloved ex-soloist of the group t.A.T.u is Giorgi Zarandia, who has serious problems with the law. Elect Yulia Volkova was detained in Moscow

      A year ago there appeared information that Julia Volkova and George Zarandia combined bonds of marriage. However, the star denied it.

      By the way, not once she said that I would like to get married, so her children have a father. According to her, the men make her an offer of marriage, but it was at the level of “well, great – let’s wait and think about it, we’ll see”. Volkov wants a real wedding, the feast, to her children and her parents saw her in a white dress. She’s looking for a man with whom will live the rest of my life. The star hinted that in the next ten years this happy event will happen.

      Юлия Волкова устроила романтические каникулы с возлюбленным

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