Джулия Ванг оправдалась за мужскую стрижку The psychic replied followers. Fans noticed that Julia Wang has changed markedly after a victory in the popular mystical show. Now the witch feels comfortable in a new way, which to her liking.
Джулия Ванг оправдалась за мужскую стрижку

The winner of the 15th season of the popular project “battle of the psychics” Julia Wang continues to surprise their fans. She remembered the audience a bright blonde with long hair. Now, however, the followers notice that she radically changed her image – lost a lot of weight and now prefers short haircuts. Moreover psychic chooses a male model.

Julia is always quite openly communicates with users of the Network and regularly responds to their questions. Some asked why she asked the stylist to make it a haircut.

“They do not require styling unlike the women’s. I imagine a guy running around with Fenicle and brushes. I lack any abilities to styling, therefore, carry strict hairstyle with precise lines,” said Vang followers.

Also, the psychic told her a few years ago to change the image. Once Julia has worked in the modeling business. She hinted that she was not very fond of that period of life – after all, she dictated how she should look and what image to create. Wang is now free to do what it wants and not look at any standards.

“It’s disgusting when someone else is “combing” you under the General comb. “You look like a guy! You’re unfeminine, you’re supposed to grow hair, makeup, wear skirts, smile (with the last paragraph especially tight), smile like a girl, and you like a man!” recalls the words of the agents Julia.

The winner of the mystic of the show did not hide the fact that he does not like living patterns and adjust to someone invented standards. She is happy that now people close to her perceive her position and not impose their ideas.

Julie Wang: “In this life I have died many times”

“My young man told me then that he, of course, I wish I had long hair, but once they grow and I feel extremely uncomfortable with them, then the only thing he wants me to be happy. And even got me a haircut, this so I don’t have to put her down. The result – I’m happy! And I don’t care what anybody thinks, believes and everything else,” admitted the winner of the 15th season of the show.