Julia Savicheva turned to Olga Buzova, supporting it

Юлия Савичева обратилась к Ольге Бузовой, поддержав ее
Famous singer Yulia Savicheva in a year took a break in her musical career, but continued to be interested in the news of the Russian show-business.

Юлия Савичева обратилась к Ольге Бузовой, поддержав ее

Julia admits that when he first heard that Olga Buzova started a solo career, skeptical. But after seeing a presentation by Olga “live”, changed my mind.

Юлия Савичева обратилась к Ольге Бузовой, поддержав ее

“When I saw about a year ago that she started to sing, I honestly tell you, I was very skeptic. I tried to listen to the notes, pitch, vocal. Not hearing any breakthrough, I smiled and forgot about what he heard. Until I saw her live. She really believes in what he’s doing, besides, they say she’s a terrible workaholic, as if someone did not belong to her personally, her music and vocal talent — said Savicheva. — I always say: be who you are, don’t pretend to love their job and work hard. Viewers and listeners particularly feel fake, it can’t be purchased. Olya – very bright example of sincerity, confirming my words. I can only wish her not to stop but to continue on to delight the audience!”

Recall that is still wildly popular Buzova is haunted by many Russian celebrities, some lash out at her with harsh criticism, while others support it.

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