Юлия Савичева рассказала, как похудела после родов
This singer helps her daughter.

Julia Savicheva

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Appearing at the pre-party of the musical award “the HEAT Music Awards”, Julia Savicheva struck an incredible harmony. So few manage to restore the figure after just six months after giving birth! And Julia said that because of the baby she is in such great shape. “Of course, played its role and proper nutrition, and sports. But for me now the most important fitness trainer — my Anya — said Savicheva. — She is very active and cheerful. I spend on it all your energy, spend a lot of time on their feet when playing with her, walking or rocking. And now firmly know that the children of mothers in principle rejuvenate. Fortunately, my daughter likes to sleep, so being able to relax I have.”

As for a healthy lifestyle, the star is very simple, but effective rules. “To be honest, I have a simple rule — eat less and eat balanced! — said Julia. — First of all — the rejection of all sweet and starchy foods. For me it is especially hard because I really love baking and often bake myself. Found out spoiling them, and she kept! My main diet is chicken, fish, eggs, meat without sauces, oils and butter. Vegetables can be in any form, except potatoes and beets. Side dish — buckwheat, rice, bulgur, oats. Eat any fruit except bananas, persimmons and grapes. From dairy products allow all — there is a real feast of the abdomen can be arranged. However, of those foods where the fat content not exceeding 1,5%. Nuts and dried fruit eaten not more than once a week. And the main point is to drink lots of water! This is the Foundation of good nutrition. Definitely need to go to the gym, pool, dancing or just a lot of walking. Movement — life!»