Julia Savicheva spoke about childhood trauma

Юлия Савичева рассказала о детской травме The singer shared his childhood black-and-white photograph in which she was not more than eight years. Touching the wife of Maxim Fadeeva Natasha was made almost immediately after Savicheva severely burned his hands.

Black and white photo of little Julia Savicheva with the arms of the wife of composer and producer Maxim Fadeeva Natalia first appeared on the page max. It was a post-mystery – Maestro invited followers to guess who is depicted on the old photo.

Followers quickly recognized in the little girl amazing. The singer familiar with the composer for almost all his life: her father was a drummer in a rock group Maxim Fadeev “Convoy”. Four of Julia debuted on the scene. And at eight she had actually worked with the singer Linda, she sang and starred in her videos. About the same time this picture, which turned out to be a backstory. The photo was taken almost immediately after Savicheva poorly, probably the first time in my life fried eggs. And severely burned his hands.

“In this photo Natasha Fadeeva. Me here seven or eight years. On my chin you can see small burns. I was just fried eggs. Poured a little more oil to the pan and broke the egg as high as possible. Well, as the chef did on TV. Of course, almost all of the hot oil was on top of me… Well at least in the eyes not got. So be careful when your children try to do something at the stove! PS Natasha, thank you for this awesome photo”, – signed photo of Julia.

Savicheva, which in the summer I first became a mom (in July, the singer and her husband, musician and composer Alexander Arshinova was born the daughter of Anna), often talked about the fact that Maxim Fadeev is not just a producer, but a true friend, a mentor, a second father. As Fadeev, Savicheva was born in Kurgan.

“I want to say that for me the friend is the man who for many years next to you, no matter what. Share your views on life, helps and cares about you for real. I was lucky. I have a man. This Is Max. It since I was born! I’m thankful for the fact that it happened. Max, thank you for your great and kind heart. I want to wish all who have no true friend to you there is such a man!” – said the singer.

By the way, Maxim Fadeev published archival photos young wife Natalia and Yulia Savicheva immediately after the Internet began to discuss the rumors of his engagement to singer Nargiz Zakirova. The speculation was triggered by the gift, which the composer had presented a friend – before the New year Fadeev gave Zakirova ring.

Discussing the engagement of Maxim Fadeev, Nargiz Zakirova