Julia Savicheva shared the success of his daughter

Юлия Савичева поделилась успехами своей дочери
Last year popular singer Julia Savicheva gave birth to adorable daughter.

Юлия Савичева поделилась успехами своей дочери

After returning from Portugal, where the girl was born, the singer has started to work. Recently Julia has told, what growing baby.

Юлия Савичева поделилась успехами своей дочери

“My daughter is growing – she is absolutely amazing. She’s funny, she already is the seventh month. Yes, the time flies very fast. It would seem, I recently gave birth to her, and now she’s the seventh month. She’s already trying to say something, always laughing, smiling, singing, – said Savicheva. Just because I’m her every day sing, she’s imitating. She is very curious and likes to communicate with people and be in the crowd, roughly speaking”.

Soon Julia will have a short time to part with my daughter, as she goes on tour, and the little thing is not going to take.

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