Юлия Савичева раскрыла подробности преображения после родов
The singer told that she had to go for the sake of orderliness.

Julia Savicheva

Photo: @yuliasavicheva Instagram Yulia Savicheva

Most celebrity moms talk about postpartum recovery similar to the following: a perfect figure after delivery is a good heredity. Like, it’s simple: proper nutrition and daily walks with the baby in the fresh air quickly returns the form. But Rudy told a very different story of weight loss after pregnancy. The singer confessed that he suffered in the gym almost every day for several hours to regain a slender figure.

The secret to losing weight Julia shared in social networks, describing in detail what took place after the birth. “I was lucky – I had a very strict diet for 9 months. It was due to the recommendations of doctors to control of blood sugar. Once a week I allowed myself dessert (after the dessert at least an hour walk), the other days were severely limited carbohydrates. Therefore, after the birth of my daughter I added quite a bit.But here’s what happened next — it was the song. If a normal workout consisted of the gym and the trainer 2-3 times a week, then after that it was 4-5 times a week with special exercises.

After birth: exercises for legs without weights, only the weights. Cardio in the form of walk or bike. At the beginning and at the end of training press, special exercises without twisting (krana). Another day — hands with small weights plus cardio and press as usual. In all exercises the maximum use of core muscles. Be sure to exercise on the stability and coordination. Personally, I wish start every morning with a vacuum, planks and push-UPS. The bandage was worn for the first three days after birth, with a gradual rejection of it (up to 4-5 hours a day). The muscles themselves have to go to work, feeling sorry for yourself is impossible. And of course, most healthy food, what I wrote earlier! (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. ed)” wrote Julia.

Recall that in July the daughter Savicheva — Anne will be one year. Artist first months I spent with the baby, and then came out of maternity leave and returned to tour life. Julia recently talked about on one like daughter. By his own admission, from the famous mom she only got the hair color. Externally, it grows a copy of the Pope, which, of course, very proud of her husband Alexander.