Julia Savicheva reported changes in the appearance of the daughter

Юлия Савичева сообщила об изменениях во внешности дочери Singer open up about the baby. 14 Jul heiress Julia Savicheva will be a year. The star shared with fans the news that the girl had suddenly changed hair color.
Юлия Савичева сообщила об изменениях во внешности дочери

Julia Savicheva often shares with fans revelations. Quite a long time star chose not to advertise even pregnancy. After daughter Anna was born, the singer posted in Instagram only one photograph, which was captured handle girls.

So fans of the actress still does not know, looks like a baby. Recently, however, Julia lifted the veil of secrecy. She spoke about the changes in appearance that occurred in her daughter this year.

“All I can remember was a redhead. A little lighter, a little darker, but anyway how. By the way, Anna began to darken. Now she’s light brown and curly. So red in the regiment departed,” shared the actress.

Previously, the star was told that little Anya looks very similar to father Alexander Arshinova. The only thing the girl had inherited from the star mom is red hair color. Apparently, with age, and this common feature has disappeared.

Fans immediately asked Yulia to quickly show the picture of the girl. “I’m sure that baby is growing into a real beauty. It is a pity that we still haven’t seen her”, “kids often change hair color, my son also used to be brown, and now light” was discussed Savicheva fans.

By the way, the artist herself after the change that occurred with her daughter, also thought about changing image. The hallmark of the stars are red hair, but now Julia wants to change their color.

“I’ve never been a brunette or a blonde. If only the filming of the show or movie, but wigs don’t count. Thinking whether to change the color,” – said the singer.

Many fans of her idea came to mind, but most of the subscribers noted that repainted, Julia will lose its individuality. According to them, the style Savicheva has long been recognized, and no red hair for her stage persona is not so interesting.

By the way, now a young woman actively performs and records new songs. The decree of Julius spent only a few months, then decided to return to active work. She pointed out that in all this time missed the stage, so I didn’t want to delay a new musical experiments.

The fans hope that Yulia will be able to correctly combine professional activity and family care. Despite the fact that the singer prefers not to advertise details of their personal lives, fans believe that she is the perfect mother for the little Ani.