Julia Savicheva ready to be a mom

Юлия Савичева готова стать мамой
The singer admitted that she and her husband really want to become parents.

Юлия Савичева готова стать мамой

Natalia Bochkareva and Julia Savicheva

Photo: Julia Given

Yesterday in the cinema “Wick” actress Natalia Bochkareva
presented a short film in which he acted as a Director.
To congratulate the artist came to her the most
close friends and those who work and career of the actress is not indifferent.

Natasha met on the project “dancing with the stars” and immediately
became good friends, ” said Julia Savicheva 7days.ru. — I was in awe of this woman! She is very bright. I wonder
to communicate with her, we’re great together. I understand how
it is important for a creative person be successful in your profession. I’m sure Natalia will surprise many”.

The singer admitted that
recently finished a tour of Russia, but the rest is not in a hurry. “We counted that
for three years spoke in 220 cities! — says the singer. — Now preparing a new tour program”.

Юлия Савичева готова стать мамой

Natalia Bochkareva, Zhanna Epple and Evelina Bledans

Photo: Julia Given

Many wondered when Julia will delight fans
the news about the birth of the child.

“Well, as God wills. Mentally my husband and I are ready, after all I have 29 years.
Internal biological clock will not go anywhere, they’re coming!” — said Savicheva.

To support Bochkareva came and Zhanna Epple. “I am very proud of Natasha and very happy for
her. She made a really important thing need to be
incredibly brave to make this step, ” says Epple. — Natasha
serious, she’s bossy, so I’m sure the Director of it happened
great. However, as it will
to combine two professions — actress and Director — it’s a great question”.

Юлия Савичева готова стать мамой

Zhanna Epple, Natalia Bochkareva and Kirill Andreev

Photo: Julia Given

We will remind, Natalia Bochkareva graduated from the Higher courses
writers and Directors and shot their debut album “Free day”.
This is a short mystical-philosophical drama, by Director, producer and
screenwriter of which was made by Natalia herself. This time the actress surprised
fans not only his acting talent, but also a serious uncut
view of the world.

“For me, this film was the first good and serious
professional experience. Of course, there is no limit to perfection, and to say that all
one hundred percent failed, it would be silly, ” said Bochkarev. But if my film will touch you and at least one
person will make you wonder about his existence, for me it will be a success”.
The main role in the film played by actors Valery Eremenko, Vladislav Shklyaev and Olga Redko.

Valery Yaremenko with his wife and Natalya Bochkareva

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